I had the opportunity to co-preach with my friend and colleague Josh Evans this past weekend. We preached at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chicago at both their South Loop and Lakeview locations. The text for this sermon is Luke 7:1-10. (The video for this sermon is currently only available in SD. I hope to switch it out for HD later in the week.) Everyone feels like an outsider at one point… Read More

“When the rain comes it seems that everyone hasgone awayWhen the night falls you wonder if you shouldn’tfind someplaceTo run and hideEscape the painBut hiding’s such a lonely thing to do” Rain.  It cleanses. It Destroys. It can either be refreshing to walk through, or else make a long walk seem longer.  It’s been raining here in Chicago for a few days.  Tonight the rain outside mirrors the rain in my heart… Read More

Now that I’ve officially taken up residence in Chicago I hope to write about my experiences from time to time.  I’ll label them all “The Chicago Files” for easy reference. 3 months ago I graduated from the Wake Forest University School of Divinity with a lot of mixed feelings.  I was excited that I had earned the Master of Divinity Degree but it was also no secret that I was terrified of… Read More