“When the rain comes it seems that everyone hasgone awayWhen the night falls you wonder if you shouldn’tfind someplaceTo run and hideEscape the painBut hiding’s such a lonely thing to do” Rain.  It cleanses. It Destroys. It can either be refreshing to walk through, or else make a long walk seem longer.  It’s been raining here in Chicago for a few days.  Tonight the rain outside mirrors the rain in my heart… Read More

[Reflection written on 10/18/2015] I saw this inscription on my way to take the Red Line back to my apartment after visiting Shedd Aquarium in the South Loop with my roommate Remy.  I originally took this picture just because it matched my blog title.  What I didn’t realize is how much this word is shaping not only my ministry but my personality.  Merriam-Webster defines “subvert” as 1) to secretly try to ruin or… Read More

Now that I’ve officially taken up residence in Chicago I hope to write about my experiences from time to time.  I’ll label them all “The Chicago Files” for easy reference. 3 months ago I graduated from the Wake Forest University School of Divinity with a lot of mixed feelings.  I was excited that I had earned the Master of Divinity Degree but it was also no secret that I was terrified of… Read More