Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! We’ve watched and we’ve waited and now it is Christmas Eve. I love hearing Christmas Carols at this time of year. Music has a way of touching the soul in a way that simple spoken words cannot. Music has the power to move us to tears and move us to action. Even a single line of a song can make us feel emotion… Read More

At 5:00 pm on June 27th 2020, Young(er) queer MNYS voices, including The Rev. Kelsey Brown, The Rev. Analyse Triolo, Assistant to the Bishop Roberto Lara, and Alex Lawrence, look at what work lies ahead for the queer community of faith and the church, moderated by The Rev. Jared Stahler. ========== Happy Pride! We are here all day from 10am-8pm! Beginners introduction, candidacy, bishops, intersectionality conversations, worship, authors and local ministry leaders,… Read More