In August of 2018 I was invited to write an LGBTQIA+ inclusive verse of the hymn For Everyone Born, which was first sung at the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Proclaim Gathering that summer. Find my additions in verse 4. (Permission to use with credit.) For Everyone Born (A Place at the Table) Words: Shirley Erena MurrayWords: (c) 2004 Hope Publishing CompanyWords for Verse 4: Analyse Triolo (She/Her/Hers), Out Bisexual Pastor in the ELCAPerformed… Read More

“When the rain comes it seems that everyone hasgone awayWhen the night falls you wonder if you shouldn’tfind someplaceTo run and hideEscape the painBut hiding’s such a lonely thing to do” Rain.  It cleanses. It Destroys. It can either be refreshing to walk through, or else make a long walk seem longer.  It’s been raining here in Chicago for a few days.  Tonight the rain outside mirrors the rain in my heart… Read More