I called home about this time five years ago, desperately needing a break while studying for my Theology final, the last final exam of my degree. Planning on just shooting the breeze with my parents my Mom, Diane, asked the dreaded question. “So, how’s the studying going?” Without warning I burst into tears, my emotional release valve for many intense emotions, and confided in her that I was terrified about this exam…. Read More

Good Friday Bulletin

Stop. Caution. One Way. No Parking. Dead End. Children at Play. “Trust in God but Wash Your Hands”.  “All Services and Events Canceled Until 3/31/2020”. Signs are all around us, everywhere we go. They give us information about what lies beyond, what we should do, what we shouldn’t do. Regardless of what a sign physically says it always points to something beyond itself.  The healing miracle in our Gospel reading this morning… Read More